Services & Capabilities

Here's a full list of our services & capabilities

Start up business

Now is the time for you to focus on getting your business up and running – we take care of the so you don’t have to

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Irish Companies

We add value to your business, large or small, by providing simple and effective solutions to all of your financial needs

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Annual Accounts

Your annual accounts will form the basis of your return, providing vital information as to where any possible cost and tax saving can be made.

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Business Advisory

As your business develops and grows we will provide you with timely and accurate management accounts.

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LV Hogan is one of the longest established local companies providing  in Limerick. We have been  in Limerick since the mid 1970’s so our  methods are tried and tested.

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Audit and Assurance

s are performed by competent, independent and objective persons known as auditors who are authorised to undertake that function by company legislation and have the necessary qualifications and experience that is recognised by their supervisory professional body.

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Taxation - (VAT, CT, etc)

The current economic climate makes demands on all business’s to be leaner and more efficient.  This is particularly so in relation to a businesses planning.  Expert tax advice is required by sole traders, partnerships and limited companies.

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Personal Taxation

Personal and corporate tax compliance is more important than ever, as the penalties for non compliance are more strictly enforced than ever before.

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Company Secretarial

At LV Hogan we provide a cost-effective and a solutions-focused service that avoids legal jargon. Access to expert company law advice which is readily available.

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Business Plans & Strategic Advice

Our professional team works closely with clients to identify each component of your business and your strategic direction, to document these in a professional and cohesive manner and ultimately create a set of financial projections investors and/or financial institutions.

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Tax Returns

Here at LV Hogan we will analyse your return for possible tax savings, file your return using the revenues on line service and advise on the amounts to be paid and when they are due.

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Tax–based Investments

LV Hogan Accountants has an excellent track record in advising both developers of such schemes and investors on suitable structures to maximise tax efficiency and suit their individual requirements.

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Our Services

Business advisory & planning 100%
services 100%
Auditing services 100%
Taxation advice 100%
Planning & Compliance including Revenue audits 100%
Annual and Management Accounts 100%
Payroll 100%
Cash flow projections and Business plans 100%