Personal Insolvency

Why Choose LV Hogan for Your Personal Insolvency Needs?

The Act 2012 has opened up a new landscape to assist people in dealing with over-indebtedness. Through the introduction of three new debt settlement mechanisms and the amendment of our bankruptcy legalisation, the options now available affords increased negotiating power to an individual in reaching agreement with his or her creditors.

This team has the expertise not only to guide you through one of the new personal insolvency options but also the experience of dealing with creditors to negotiate informal arrangements avoiding the need for a formal insolvency mechanism.

•    We help you explore all options
•    We deal with your creditors so you don’t have to
•    We take the stress out of dealing with your bank
•    We lead the negotiations for you
•    We will review settlement options presented by your bank
•    We will guide you through the new personal insolvency scheme and can act as your Personal Insolvency Practitioner.


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